Our Story


Our story begins when I was filming a leadership conference my senior year of high school and was introduced to Ginny via her best friend. We hit it off and quickly began to fall in love. We knew from the beginning that this relationship we were forming was more then just a simple high school romance it felt bigger then that.  

After graduation I began to pursue a degree in videography and Ginny in health sciences our love continued to grow stronger every day. I loved making music videos and concert filmography and made a name for myself filming indie bands during college. 

After College our paths changed yet again as Ginny began a career in fashion and I took a completely different route and began working for my families electrical business. We moved in together in the cutest little house and began raising our cats. All the while my dreams of being a professional videographer seemed to fade away as life took over. 

As We began planning our wedding and researching our vision of how we wanted to capture our day. I realized how much I love being behind the lens. Shortly after our honeymoon in Toronto I snagged a great deal on a camera and begin to get back into film. 

Ginny approached me about filming her oldest sister's wedding as a gift for them and after a small amount of convincing I decided to go for it. Before I knew it I had filmed multiple weddings, countless concerts and commercials. I was back in the game and realized I needed a 2nd shooter. Who better then my beautiful wife. 

I bought Ginny a camera and told her I wanted to see the world through her eyes and just like that Walnut Tree Films was born. 


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